About Our School

Letter from the Head of our Online School

Dear Parents,

Minnesota Virtual Academy (MNVA) is an online public school associated with Houston Public Schools in Houston, MN. MNVA is the largest online K–12 school in the state and is proud to carry out our mission of helping to “discover, develop, and achieve the potential within all learners.” Through our personalized approach to education—recognizing that all students learn at different speeds and in different ways—we strive to provide students with a comprehensive education experience. When students graduate from MNVA, they will have the necessary tools to be successful in higher education and careers beyond high school.

Minnesota Virtual Academy uses K12 curriculum—the hallmark of online curriculum which provides challenging, content-rich coursework that gives students a solid educational foundation and prepares them to succeed on standardized tests. The K12 curriculum is developed by content experts who work together to provide a rich, thorough, and rewarding curriculum designed to help students think, analyze, and work at higher levels.

The teachers at Minnesota Virtual Academy are compassionate, state–certified, and dedicated to helping all students and families. Our teachers provide instruction, support, guidance, and assistance to students and families throughout the year and help all learners grow and achieve success. The teachers interact with students through various mediums to teach, support, and guide our families.

While MNVA provides a rich curriculum for students to learn and thrive academically, the school recognizes the importance of building well-rounded students. Through the help of our staff, students have the option to interact with classmates across the state through online clubs, outings, and events planned by our teachers.

Through the hard work and dedication of our teachers, students at MNVA grow and achieve goals that will help them be successful in life. MNVA is a great choice for students wanting a personalized education that meets their learning needs. We hope you choose to enroll your child with us and become part of the MNVA community of learners and scholars.


Mary Morem

Head of School