Online Public Education Success Stories

I have to say that the support was super. I felt I could ask any question and get useful information. I am very pleased with our teacher in the MNVA Online School program. I look forward to future years with MNVA!

— Juliet Sanders

Our teacher provides us with a breath of fresh air each time we speak with her. She encourages us to keep moving forward and provides suggestions when we begin to feel burnt out. Seeing our teacher at the community outings has given us a real sense of connection with her and the school. My husband is thrilled that our son is allowed to focus on trouble spots or advance quickly when he has mastered a concept. Our teacher has been very supportive in guiding us through both of these circumstances.

— The Trowbridge Family

Our MNVA teacher has been a patient and encouraging advocate. We have had our challenges this year, and our teacher has never been discouraging. She treats us very well… when I am sure there are days with our son [when] she probably wanted to bang her head against the wall (I know I did). We love MNVA and truly want to be a part of it next year. Next year will be completely different. Our teacher is a credit to teaching. Very kind and encouraging. Never felt that we were intruding or a bother.

— N. Newman

My son was failing his first half trimester in our resident district when I put him into MNVA/K12 in November. He was unhappy, getting further and further behind, being picked on, and hating school. So, I figured, why not? Let’s try it.

He has flourished with your program. He loves it. He loves his teacher and is anxious to start school each day. No more hours and hours of work after his long school day. He is so happy and is excited to do it again next year. We are so happy with everything. Thank you for giving me my happy son back!

— Michelle Fauver